A Children’s Hospice South West Memorial fund in memory of Carol, to support the siblings of life-limited children across Devon and Cornwall
All book profits to Carol’s Memorial Fund
The Carol Lay
Memorial Fund
Total raised:  £14,735
Target: £5,000, £10,000, £15,000, £20,000

© Stephen Lay

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Carol’s Book Launch: 9th April at Children’s Hospice SW, Little Harbour

5:30 for 6:00pm.

“The unexpected can be expected”, but nothing will prepare you for the final chapter!

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Carol’s adult life was committed to pushing the boundaries for her severely handicapped students, many achieving far more than could ever be imagined. Some achieving their Duke of Edinburgh Awards up to gold. Some life-limited.

“Smile and Enjoy the Adventure”

Every penny of the cover price of the first print run is being donated to Carol’s Memorial Fund at Children’s Hospice SW.

Thanks to local  companies for covering the print costs.

Watch this video of Carol talking about life-limited children at a Rotary Conference in 2014, and the launch of Carol’s Memorial Fund at the Rotary Conference 2017

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